Irish Wild Salmon Catch

Wild salmon in Ireland are part of our national identity and Ireland has been one of the largest producers of wild salmon in the North Atlantic. Ireland traditionally operated a commercial offshore fishery, an estuarine draft net fishery and in-river angling.
Irish Authorities commit to aligning with the scientific advice for the 2007 salmon season and end mixed stock salmon fisheries at sea. Scientific advice is provided in the context of individual river stocks rather than aggregated district stocks. Harvest of salmon is only allowed in rivers where there is a surplus above the conservation limit identified and no more than this surplus will be harvested. The Irish Government introduces a hardship scheme for drift and draft net fishermen wishing to exit the fishery. The Irish Government decides to apply a salmon conservation component to the licence fee equal to the cost of the licence which contributes towards a programme for rehabilitation of salmon stocks, to be implemented by the Regional Fisheries Boards.

While the Wild Salmon season is in full swing, we are now collecting stocks for next season.  So far the draft net fishing has been good.  We got our largest Wild Salmon to date from the Killary a whooping 21lbs.