Super Food Heroes (2003)

Super Food Heroes (2003 & 2005)

Connemara Smokehouse Smoked Tuna featured in both editions of Rick Stein’s ‘Food Heroes’ books, but he also carried it on his menu at his famous Cornish restaurant, Seafood Restaurant, in Padstow.

“Food Heroes” Recommended by Rick Stein in both editions of his book “Guide to Food Heroes” as “Food Heroes”! (1st edition) promoted to Super Food Hero in (2nd edition)

Connemara Smokehouse as “Food Heroes” (1st edition)

“The Connemara Smoke House has won a prestigious Bridgestone Guide Award for its mouthwatering specialist products, namely, smoked salmon, tuna and gravadlax. Only natural ingredients are used – just fish, salt, sugar, honey, Irish whiskey and herbs – with no colourings or artificial additives. This smokehouse specializes in wild salmon, although organic salmon from Clare Island is also available. Smoked line-caught Irish tuna is a product unique to this smokehouse. All the fish is filleted by hand and traditionally dry cured, followed by a long drying and smoking period over beechwood in an old-fashioned kiln that dates from 1946.

Connemara Smokehouse promoted to SUPERHERO status in Rick Stein’s 2nd edition of “RICK STEIN GUIDE to FOOD HEROES” (2nd edition)

The Connemara Smokehouse supplies Rick Stein’s Restaurant with their unique smoked tuna.

The Connemara Smokehouse Smoked Tuna won a medal at the 2004 Great Taste awards.