International Coq d’Or Award for Connemara Smokehouse (2014 – 2020)

International Coq d’Or Award for Connemara Smokehouse (2014-2020)

The multi award-winning Connemara Smokehouse has received a Coq d’Or (Golden Roaster) Award from the Guides des Gourmands in France. The Guides des Gourmands is a guide for both professionals and private food enthusiasts all over France. Each year it awards 12 Coq d’Or Awards to producers, restaurateurs and top food delicatessens for ‘exceptional quality and in recognition of complete dedication to perfection’. The awards are usually issued within France, but very occasionally there is an International Coq d’Or – and the Connemara Smokehouse received one of only two international awards this year.The Guides des Gourmands selected Connemara Smokehouse after visiting the Smokehouse and seeing and tasting Graham Roberts’ ‘pure pride and passion for perfection in everything that he does’.